Sunday, November 4, 2012

The New Truck (It's a Sensible Truck)

Just after our 5,000 mile, six-week trip to the Canadian Rockies, our 2005 Pathfinder, the beloved Canyonero, hit a hundred thousand miles and started to have "maintenance issues," to put it politely.  It was time to move up to a truck -- a 2013 Toyota Tacoma double cab, short bed, v6 4 liter, off-road 4x4/towing package.  Not a monster truck -- a mid-size sensible truck, with more than enough muscle to handle our little trailer:

As this video clip shows, I am excited:

We are planning to add a camper shell, a roof rack, and maybe running boards.  (And thanks to Kate for helping us decide on a Tacoma TRD!!)

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We're towing our trailer with our minivan. On the way home with the trailer, just after buying it, my husband started talking about a truck. LOL